Sunday, 10 April 2016

1815 Campaign, the Battle of Quatre Bras

Our club is currently mid way through an 1815 Campaign and the first major battle happened at Quatre Bras when the Prussian I & II Corps fought the leading French Corps of the right wing.

The first half of Prussian I Corps deploys to attack.

French Left flank.

I Corps

French forces, soon to be reinforced.

French push their right flank forward....

...and their left!

Remainder of Prussian I and part of II Corps arrive.

As do more French.

Lots more.

Under pressure the French left retreats towards the centre.

Leaving behind a garrison to delay the Allied troops.

Wellington arrives but with no cavalry progress is slow.

Many more troops arrived throughout the day and the tables are set for an even bigger engagement next day.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Balance of Power Marlburian at Alumwell

One of my favourite shows, this year the club put on a 28mm Marlburian game using a modified version of Balance of Power