Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dennewitz - Age of Eagles

Probably the final club game of the year was the battle of Dennewitz using Age of Eagles rules.  Most of the players had played Fire & Fury and a couple of us had played the Napoleonic versions before so we had an idea what to expect.

Initial forces face off.
Dennewitz has a lot of the troops arriving on table throughout the battle, Allied and French fresh troops swinging the fighting from attack to defence over the day.

Prussian Corps advances.

The arrival of Reyniers Corps meant that the French had a slight advantage in numbers and artillery and the whole Corps started to make for the Prussians as fast as possible.

French arrivals.

Unfortunately the distance these troops had to cover meant that 'as fast as possible' actually turned into 'hopefully before dark'.

French almost ready to launch an attack.

Stalemate in the centre.
Meanwhile inconclusive firing and combat in the centre meant that the battle would be decided on the French left when Reynier managed to press home his attack.

As darkness falls the French attack goes in.
With a couple of hours of 'battle' time remaining but very little 'real' time the French have no choice but to launch everything in charges as soon as they come within range.  Over two turns all of the infantry and reserve cavalry pile into the Prussian line which starts to buckle.

Unfortunately after finally getting to the good bit we ran out of time!

Perhaps a battle with troops deployed closer together and less manoeuvre would emphasise the stronger points of the rules.  We'll certainly give it another go but the jury is still out.

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