Thursday, 30 August 2012

1814 Napoleon at Bay Campaign

I have recently started a Napoleonic campaign at the local club based on the Boardgame 'Napoleon at Bay' covering the 1814 campaign. Rather than use the detailed hex map I changed it to an area based campaign map.

The boardgame rules were ignored and instead the campaign uses a simple area movement system with various speeds for various troop types.

Army lists have been put together from various sources including the game itself and historical OB's culled from the internet and books.  I dont pretend that they are perfect but its enough to say that the French have their work cut out for them!

1814 Campaign Map

Grey area names denote major towns while those with a thick border are fortress towns. 

The first major battle was at Brienne and the campaign is in its 7th turn with another major battle about to be fought at Chalons sometime next week.  I'll take my camera along and make it my fist battle report for the blog.

Pleasantly Surprised by Minifigs

I have recently started a Napoleonic campaign at the local club (Cobridge Old Contemptibles) based on the Boardgame 'Napoleon at Bay' covering the 1814 campaign.  While the club members have a good collection of 15mm Napoleonic figures I needed to add some more French to my own army.  There are a lot of manufacturers to choose from but as I already had a lot of 'old' Minifigs I decided to have a look at their 'new' ranges.

First class service from Minifigs, I had the figures in my hands a few days after ordering them and everything was as ordered.  I'd say that there was more flash on some of the horses and cannons than I would have liked but a bit of work with a scalpel had them looking fine.  You can click on the images for a larger version (apparently).
The figures are pretty slender in comparison to some of the newer ranges and more '15mm' than '18mm' but they fit in well with the troops that I already had and that suited me quite well.

Old Guard Foot...
...and horse artillery

Some of the artillery poses seemed a little dramatic and it was awkward to get a crew of  four that looked like they were all at the same stage of firing a cannon.


The newer horses are a vast improvement over the old ones. I enjoyed painting them and the finished figures look to have just the right amount of movement and again this fits in with what I already have.

General & ADC

The figures are based on 40mm wide stands with the cavalry 30mm deep and the artillery 40mm deep.  This is based up for the March Attack Napoleonic rules that we are using as the basis for the campaign.
Group Photo
Despite having some reservations about the age of the range I was really pleased with the way that the figures turned out.

Welcome to the Crusader Blog

Hello and welcome to the new blog.  After having read lots of other blogs I decided it was time I joined in and had a go myself.

The Blog called Crusader Publishing but I have no intention of restricting my posts to the games and rules that I happen to publish.  Wargaming is my hobby as well as my livelihood and I'm just as keen to post about other people's games and figures as I am my own.  There are links along the top of this page and any rules or downloads mentioned should generally be avaiable from the 'real' Crusader Publishing site rather than cluttering up this blog. 

I'm currently working on half a dozen things (like most wargamers I know!) and I guess I just start to waffle on about them as I go along, hopefully someone will find it of at least passing interest :-)